Fertilization is fundamental to obtaining a higher output and better quality of plants. Italpollina’s natural biostimulants, organic fertilizers, and beneficial microbials complete and optimize fertilization for a better plant response under optimal and sub-optimal environmental conditions.

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“We were having a 15 to 20% loss on some of our growing. Once we started using Italpollina GROTAB 3-in-1 and 4-4-4 fertilizer, we found that decreased to less than 0.5% on our losses.”

-Kat McGraw General Manager, Ooltewah Nursery

“Since using Italpollina products, our trees are ready for market two years sooner, making a significant financial impact on our business.”

-Larry McCory Owner, Pine Knoll Nursery

“Nursery owners are seeing that their plants are bigger, ready for market sooner. If you want healthy plants, if you want greener plants, you better start from the roots up. And that’s what Italpollina does.”

-Lenzi Long Specialty Sales, ProSolutions