Vegetal Biostimulants

Fertilization is fundamental to obtaining a higher output and better quality of plants. Italpollina’s natural biostimulants, organic fertilizers, and beneficial microbials complete and optimize fertilization for a better plant response under optimal and sub-optimal environmental conditions.

Biostimulant Products

Italpollina biostimulants are designed to improve growth and quality of plants by stimulating plants’ natural processes and enhancing the efficient use of other fertilizer products. Our biostimulants are the result of extensive research and a proprietary production process. They are based on 100% vegetal sources—with no harmful, or inefficient animal by-products. The high concentration of Plant Stimulating Peptides in our biostimulants fosters growth throughout the lifecycle of plants. Intensive testing has shown consistent improvement in nutrient uptake and utilization efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, and overall plant quality.

  • Increase plant's tolerance to and recovery from stresses such as herbicides, temperature, and drought for stronger, more resilient plants.
  • The Plant Stimulating Peptides are rapidly absorbed and translocated to quickly impact the vigor of plants
  • Improves plant's metabolism, optimizing photosynthesis and nutrient uptake for visibly healthier plants. 


MYR 4Chlorosys
MYR 4Chlorosys